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Life Insurance Benefits
Accelerated Benefits

Most life insurance policies provide for a death benefit to be paid to the employee’s or policyholder’s designated beneficiaries.  Many life insurance plans now also permit the payment of an “accelerated benefit” directly to the employee or policyholder.  Accelerated benefits are typically payable to an employee who is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, such as cancer, end-stage renal disease, or similar conditions, and/or who is given a terminal prognosis, such that illness is expected to result in death within a prescribed period of time (e.g., 6 months, 1 year, etc.).  Such benefits can be used to meet the employee’s unexpected or non-covered medical costs, to maintain a comfortable quality of life during the employee’s final months, or to meet the employee’s other end-of-life needs. 

Our lawyers can help review your accelerated benefit rights, submit a targeted claim for such benefits, or appeal a denied accelerated benefit claim. 

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