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As it did for many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how our office conducts its practice. Finding that work from home, for us, was productive, efficient and pleasant, effective May, 2022, we moved our operating office to Germantown, New York, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, with those of us in New York City continuing our remote-work-from-home regimen. We serve clients throughout New York state, with a focus on those from the New York City metropolitan area, including Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and upstate. We continue to engage in litigation in these regions and can arrange personal meetings in New York City as required

New or Prospective Clients: If you are not an existing client, but are looking to find an attorney for you health, life, disability or long term care claim, or have any other kind of inquiry, please contact us by completing a Contact Form, by emailing our general office email address ([email protected]), or by calling our general office telephone number (212-406-9606) or the website contact number (347-783-6862). If you’ve been referred specifically to Mark or Chris, you may contact us by emailing us at our direct addresses (Mark: [email protected]; Chris: [email protected]). We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Existing Clients: In addition to any of the methods listed above, existing clients may call, text, or email Mark directly at 917-544-6464 ([email protected]), or call, text, or email Chris directly at 917-656-4243 ([email protected]).

***Please make sure to identify yourself and to provide complete contact information (including telephone number and email address).***


Firm Overview

For more than 40 years, the Law Office of Mark Scherzer (located in New York) has advocated on behalf of consumers, policyholders, and employees to secure their rights to health, life and disability insurance benefits. Our lawyers have experience with claims arising out of privately purchased insurance coverage — such as individual health insurance, disability income policies and disability-triggered business overhead expense policies — as well as employer-sponsored group insurance coverage — such as short-term-disability plans, long-term-disability plans, long term care and home health care plans, life insurance plans (and disability waiver of premium benefits), disability retirement, and medical benefit plans (including retiree health coverage, COBRA continuation coverage). Our lawyers are well-versed in New York insurance law, which typically governs individual or group insurance policies purchased in New York, and in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, the federal law that typically governs employee group benefit plans. They provide a wide variety of attorney services — including consultations, claim preparation, and claim denial appeals — with regard to life, health, long term care, home health care, and disability insurance coverage under both ERISA plans and individual insurance policies. Many of our clients have illnesses or conditions that are serious, chronic, and/or disabling, such as multiple sclerosis (“MS”), heart disease, depression, degenerative spine disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (“CFS”), Lyme disease, chronic pain syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Our lawyers help to obtain or keep appropriate coverage, to navigate the transition from employment to disability (or from disability back to work). Our attorneys are experienced advocates for the rights of claimants when insurers or employee benefit plans refuse to cover necessary treatments, deny disability benefits, or terminate long-standing disability claims. For those fortunate enough to have long term care or home health care insurance coverage, and must rely on it for home care or skilled assisted-living services, our attorneys have fought improper insurance company claim denials asserting that our clients are too healthy or self-sufficient to qualify. We routinely fight claim denials by filing ERISA internal appeals to challenged denied or terminated claims, pursuing New York external appeals to compel healthcare coverage, and commencing lawsuits, as necessary, to enforce the rights our clients.

Our lawyers have represented claimants with a broad range of occupations (including physicians, truck drivers, office managers, architects, stock brokers, film editors, attorneys, industrial and construction engineers, financial analysts, sales representatives, receptionists, computer/IT personnel, production managers, performing and visual artists and designers, and corporate executives) from a wide variety of employment settings. Not only do our attorneys provide guidance to employees facing the difficult choice of going out on short and long term disability, but also advise employees who are already out on disability leave about return-to-work issues, including the potential impact on their private or ERISA disability benefits, their COBRA continuation health insurance coverage, and the interaction of their benefits with Medicare, and their Social Security disability benefits. Our attorneys also represent and protect the common interests of our clients in a number of additional ways, by advocating with legislators and regulators for reforms in insurance law and policy; engaging in major test case litigation on behalf of public interest groups; and speaking at policy roundtables, bar training and education programs, and informational presentations to advocacy groups and their members.

Lawyer Mark Scherzer graduated from Yale Law School and trained at a major New York law firm before devoting his professional life to enforcing the rights of the ill and disabled to insurance coverage and benefits. Lawyer A. Christopher Wieber graduated from Harvard Law School and also practiced at a major New York law firm before joining Mr. Scherzer to advocate on behalf of those with disputed life, health insurance and disability claims. When direct advocacy with insurance companies and employee benefit plans has failed, we have prosecuted lawsuits on behalf of our clients in both state and federal courts.

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