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Return To Work Issues

Will My Attempt to Return to Work or My Involvement in Volunteer Activities Affect My Disability or Other Benefits?

You may find that while you are receiving disability benefits, such factors as improved health, better management or treatment of your disabling condition, and introduction of new work-place technologies – make it possible to consider a return to work.  A return to work may result from a conscious choice and a structured employment arrangement, or, as is commonly the case, may slip in through the back door: volunteering services to a church, school, or other charitable or educational institution; helping out a prior employer in a crunch by providing as-needed services on a part-time or from-the-home basis; or participating in educational or training programs that open up occupational opportunities that are new and less-demanding than your former employment.  Over time, these activities may evolve – with or without specific planning – into work of a more regular and recurrent nature.

Whether purposeful or not, a return to work can have a significant impact on disability-related benefits.  If you are receiving such benefits and are contemplating a return to work (or have done so already), you would do well to become familiar with the potential consequences of your work activities and to take great care before engaging in such activities.  The good news is that many disability insurance plans have provisions that may aid your return to work.  A return to work does not automatically mean your benefits will be terminated.  Nonetheless, return-to-work activities can present complicated questions with regard to your disability plan, depending on the type of work, the amount of compensation, and other factors.  Our lawyers are familiar with  return-to-work issues and can provide guidance about the potential impact of such activities on your disability benefits.
The following links discuss some of the potential ramifications:

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