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Our lawyers handle a wide variety of matters involving health, life, long term care and disability insurance, including:  Employee Benefits, ERISA, Short- and Long-Term Disability Claims, Disability Income and Business Overhead Insurance Claims, Life Insurance Claims, Life Insurance Disability Waiver of Premium Claims, Medical and Healthcare Claims, Hospitalization Insurance Claims, Long Term Care Coverage, Home Health Care Coverage, Coverage Disputes, Medical Necessity Denials, Experimental or Investigational Treatment Denials, External Reviews, Usual and Customary Rate Denials, Pre-Existing Condition Denials, HMO Claims, COBRA Continuation Health Coverage Disputes, Surprise Bill Issues, Coordination of Benefits Issues, Conversion Policy Issues, Disability Lump Sum Settlement Offers, Trial Practice, Appellate Practice, and New York State and Federal Courts Practice.

Our firm handles the life, health insurance, long term care, and disability claims of New York residents, as well as those who reside in other states, but are employed in New York, or whose insurance policies or benefit plans are otherwise governed by New York law. We also assist those whose claims are governed solely by ERISA, a federal law that governs employer provided health benefit plans. We can assist with planning to keep your benefits to the extent possible if you are leaving employment because of a disability or for other reasons. If you are unsure whether your claim is one we might handle, please call us at 347-783-6862, and we would be happy to discuss your case and whether we can provide assistance.

Please follow the links below for more detailed information regarding our Practice Areas and the sorts of legal assistance we provide to our clients regarding their life, health, long-term care and disability insurance problems.

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