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Appealing Life, Health Insurance, Long Term Care, and Disability Claim Denials

Prepare a Timely and Effective Appeal of your Denied Life, Health Insurance, Long Term Care, or Disability Claim

If your short or long term disability claim has been denied or terminated, or if your request for pre-authorization of a medical procedure or treatment has been denied by your health insurance plan (or if coverage has been denied even though the treatment was pre-authorized), then you are likely facing the prospect of some sort of appeal or claim review process. Unfortunately, many claimants rush to file their appeal on the theory that the sooner the appeal is filed, the quicker the insurance company will reverse its decision and pay badly needed medical, life insurance, long term care, or disability benefits. Claimants may be forgiven for having this perception, because as they read their insurance companies’ claim denial letters, they may be struck by glaring mistakes, sloppy reasoning, or significant omissions. Pointing out such obvious errors should lead the health, life, long term care, or disability insurance company to quickly approve their claims, right?

Not necessarily.  It is our lawyers’ experience that such quickfire appeals are just as quickly rejected, typically on the ground that the claimant has added nothing new in terms of actual medical or occupational evidence. Because you, the claimant, generally have the affirmative legal burden to substantiate your entitlement to benefits, it is imperative that your appeal contain not only a critique of your insurance company’s claim denial, but as much medical and occupational evidence as possible to demonstrate your disability, or the medical necessity of your proposed home healthcare services, treatment, hospitalization, medication, or surgical procedure. While it is certainly important to observe all appeal deadlines, it is our lawyers’ experience that a targeted and well-supported appeal is the most effective way to win approval of your disability claim, or coverage for a disputed life insurance, health insurance, or long term care benefit.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your life, health, long term care, or disability insurance appeal, it is important to know what kind of coverage you have, and the appeal rights that may be available to you.  The following pages from our website may be helpful in this regard:

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