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Life Insurance Benefits: Conversion Rights

Many people have life insurance coverage through their employer.  Because this insurance is intended to cover many employees at once, this is generally referred to as “group coverage” even though the participant may receive an individual certificate of coverage.  Frequently, the employer pays all or part of the cost of this coverage.  When an employee is terminated due to disability, this may trigger a loss of coverage.  Moreover, a person on disability may find it impossible (or extremely costly) to replace this insurance because insurers may decline coverage (or charge very high rates) if there is a know health condition.  In many cases, the employer’s group coverage may offer conversion rights.  A conversion right typically allows a terminated employee to “convert” his group coverage into a self-paid individual life insurance policy.

Conversion rights must generally be exercised within a short time frame, sometimes as little as 30 or 31 days after the employee is terminated (or notified of the conversion right).  Employers and insurers are not always obligated to provide notice of the conversion right, so that the burden may be on the employee to identify and exercise the conversion option.

Our lawyers can help to identify a conversion right, advise as between conversion and disability premium waiver benefits (when both are available, see Disability Claims for Waiver of Premium Benefits section), apply for conversion coverage, or appeal a conversion denial.

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