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Disability Income And Overhead Expense Policy Benefits

Our lawyers have regularly advised clients regarding their individual self-paid disability income policies and disability overhead expense policies.  Disability insurance is generally designed to provide replacement income for earnings lost or reduced as a result of an injury or illness.  The most common form of disability insurance is that provided through an employer plan covering all employees.  This is generally referred to as a “group plan,” and group disability coverage is commonly referred to as “long term disability” insurance.  Some people will purchase their own personal disability insurance coverage, which is commonly referred to as “disability income” insurance.   Small business owners and sole proprietors frequently also purchase “disability overhead expense” policies.  Such insurance is designed to pay the normal operating expenses of a business – such as employee salaries, office supplies, telephone/internet service, and the like – in the event of the business owner’s disability.  For more information, follow the links below:

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